This site contains a free resource Solutions-Based directory for teens and adolescents along with their parents who seek help with their teens in finding drug rehab and alcohol treatment.  We will also attempt to find as many resources possible for the multiple issues that teens are facing.  This site will serve as a directory of sober schools, drug treatments, detox, boot camps and many other facilities that parents are having difficulty finding in one spot.

There are many other sites on the internet that are put together by large marketing firms that only show you the facilities that they want you to see.  And they make it appear that they are the only help available to you.  Our mission is to show you the vast amount of solutions that are available to you and your loved ones.  No parent wants to be in the position you are in now with your child.  And to create confusion on top of these feelings you are experiencing would be unjust. 

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That is why we are committed to creating a Solutions-Based Directory just for you.  There is never a fee to use this site.  All the information is completely free.  We will provide you with direct websites and phone numbers to the facilities you are looking for.  We will never serve as a "middle man" like many other sites.

If you or someone you know is in need of rehab, treatment, detox or counseling for drug addiction or alcoholism, please visit for your Solution.  There you find thousands of drug and alcohol treatment centers in every State in the country that have professionals standing by to assist those afflicted with this disease.

Recovery from cocaine, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, alcohol, xanax, etc. is possible.  Never lose hope.  Life can be normal again.  Find the help you need today.

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